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Ana-Luz - Creation of a Logo & Style

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29 JAN 2021

My lovely friend Fabienne, from Ana-Luz and I are constantly working to make her brand evolve.

We have just completed this newer version of her logo that matches what she does and her personality much better. This time, hints of gold and a little more symbolism helped make her logo feel complete.

New Logo Direction

When Fabienne first thought about changing her logo, she had a very specific idea in mind and wanted to work around the idea of the shell and the whole symbolism there was around it.

The brief was quite concise and clear: bright colors, and the idea of the spiral. I created 3 lovely designs for Fabienne, from which she picked the one that suited her business best.

Ana-Luz Former Logo
Ana-Luz business card

Initial Logo Proposals

As with all my logo developments, I offered my friend with the following initial proposals, of which she chose the second, which was then further developed to match her personality and business.

Ana-Luz - First logo proposal
Ana-Luz - Second logo proposal
Ana-Luz - Third logo proposal

Former Logo Creation

As many of my customers, Fabienne is one who already worked with me in the past and for whom I had already created her first logo. The style was very different back then, but nonethelss, matching the personality of my friend's activities.

Ana-Luz - Logo 2019

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