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Ana-Luz - Creation of a Logo & Style

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05 OCT 2020

My lovely friend Fabienne, from Ana-Luz recently approached me in order to renew her logo. She had a very specific idea in mind and wanted to work around the idea of the shell and the whole symbolism there was around it.

The brief was quite concise and clear: bright colors, and the idea of the spiral. I created 3 lovely designs for Fabienne, from which she picked the one that suited her business best.

Ana-Luz business card

Initial Logo Proposals

As with all my logo developments, I offered my friend with the following initial proposals, of which she chose the second, which was then further developed to match her personality and business.

Ana-Luz - First logo proposal
Ana-Luz - Second logo proposal
Ana-Luz - Third logo proposal

Former Logo Creation

As many of my customers, Fabienne is one who already worked with me in the past and for whom I had already created her first logo. The style was very different back then, but nonethelss, matching the personality of my friend's activities.

Ana-Luz - Logo 2019

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