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Looking for something fresh to illustrate your work or communication ?

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31 JAN 2021

Illustration is making a strong come-back these days; whether it be to lay out representative diagrams and images in paper publications, or as an on-line narrative that often reflects a brand or a process.

Strong of my many years of illustration and vector drawing, I have developed my unique graphic style, and my personal way of working with colours. I like to think that less is more, I therefore strive when working with a very limited palette, coupled together with some minimalism and geometry. Pure straight lines and 45° angles, soft, rounded angles on top of a particular way to render lights and shadows characterises my work.


I work in 2 different ways when it comes to the creation of illustration:

  • Hourly rate: Starts at 75 Euros, excluding VAT, 21 %.
    • the work is invoiced at an hourly rate, which includes corrections, feedback, preparation of the files etc.,
    • an offer with a time estimation can be made ahead of the work,
    • creation of the illustration image, ready to use for print in CMYK or RGB for web, in final resolution.
    • license for illustration usage (see below).
  • Bundle price: Depends on the work, price excluding VAT, 21 %.
    • count at least 200 Euros for a vector illustration made at the size of 1200 px x 1200 px RGB or CMYK. (includes corrections rounds etc)
    • an offer can be made for a proposal of several illustrations, each including feedback, corrections, preparation of the files etc.,
    • creation of the illustration images, ready to use for print in CMYK or RGB for web, in final resolution.
    • license for illustration usage (see below).

Beautiful and personalized illustration

Added Value - Tailor-Made Work

What is my work flow and how will you participate, as my client, to the work in the making ?

Before beginning any work, I like to understand exactly what you will be requiring, to deliver work you will be satisfied with and in love with.

These are the steps of our collaboration to create an illustration:

  • Induction / initial meeting:
    Every collaboration starts with meeting you, my client, understanding clearly what your business is and getting to know you.
    Illustration can truly help a brand to shine, add colours and meaning to your message, create a feel of who you are and the values you represent; therefore comprehension is of the utmost importance.
    This first meeting usually lasts for an hour and allows me to get acquainted with you, and to understand your expectations.
    This consultation is also totally free and can be scheduled for anyone wanting to know more about my work.

    Nothing is needed from you as a client at this point, unless there are already some ideas you have or inspiration you'd like to bring to the table.

  • Initial research
    This stage usually takes a few weeks (1-2 depending on our agreement and your deadlines). A deposit is usually also paid before the work can begin, to ensure that everyone remains committed and involved into our collaboration.
    During this time, I will start to gather ideas and doodle some concepts for your illustration.
    Once I have come up with a lovely paper layout that corresponds to the requirements, I will get in touch with you to present you my rough.

  • 1st feedback:
    At the end of the intial research, we will sit together again and explore the rough copy of the illustration, checking that the work matches the style and ideas we'd like to create. I will think together with you proactively to ensure that we are in the right direction, take note of the eventual changes and other requests.

  • Corrections / Development:
    Taking into account the feedback and corrections discussed during the meeting, I will start working on the digital version of the work, draw it, paint it and complete it by adjusting the details. This step can take up to 1 to 2 weeks.

  • 2nd Round of feedback:
    We meet again to check on the illustration and how the work matches the expectations set during the last meeting. I will take note of any adjustment to make.

    The final changes are now being made, if the illustration is already looking great as is, then we move on to the delivery.

  • Final corrections:
    Taking into account all the feedback of the 2nd round, I will create the final version of the illustration and come back to you with the final piece of work.
    Once this version of the illustration is approved by you, the final payment takes place with the delivery of the files.

  • Delivery of the files:
    Once the final version of your illustration is validated by you and I, the payment of the remaining due amount is made. Upon reception of that payment, I will deliver the files according to your requirements, and other eventual needs (social media etc).
    The files will match exactly what you are asking for, please be specific if you also need a particular colour profile for your work; your printshop or the person working on your web site can usually guide you with advice.

    It is to be noted that both ways of working here above only give you a license to use the created illustration. Indeed, all rights attached to the work remain the property of the creator, with possibilities to buy these rights partially or fully for the client, as is custom with copyrights.
    Please read the terms and conditions or get in touch with me for more information concerning this.

  • Extra services:
    If you need other materials or development, I remain of course available to assist and help you.
    Your illustration can also be turned into goodies such as mugs, prints, posters, as needed.

    Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to see all the possibilities.



Here is a list of what you can expect, or not, from our collaboration:

Something unique: an illustration that will not look like anything else out there, the work will be done specifically for you

A qualitative process: your feedback and wishes are taken into account, you are part of the creative process.

Care and dedication: I go out of my way to make sure the cherry's on top of the cake, in a timely fashion, given that I get given a reasonable timeframe.

Rushed or botched work: Like most people, I don't like working under pressure. Don't contact me if you are expecting an illustration made at the last minute, without my personal attention or care for details.

Free work and "exposure": Like everybody else, I need to make a living. I may do my work out of passion, however, that doesn't mean I will work for free. Exposure doesn't pay bills.

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What they say about my work...

A little feedback and reviews from existing clients (Taken from my LinkedIn page):

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Client Testimonial

Want to get in touch to see what I can do for you ?

Schedule a meeting with me, free of charge, to see how we can collaborate. Feel free to bring your notes and ideas to the table.

All my work is copyrighted & registered, any copy / usage strictly prohibited without explicit authorisation.
Photography on this page by C. Kuehn.