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06 OCT 2020

As for everything in life, not all designs come to a fruitful end. Some are just there to pass time and have fun, others are proactive creations that never filled a purpose, while some other pieces are just small creations for friends and family.

Here is a small collection of such logos.

Below is a logo proposal I proactively created for Goofra, a company located in Geleen, that creates tools using the light spectrum to analyse different materials (mostly food related). My idea was to separate the logo into the 3 colors that create the light spectrum, namely red, blue and green. There is a full, and a mini-logo version.

Goofra Ficticious Logo

Below is another logo I created that did not end up being used. Nova Terra was a project of sustainability for solar energy, but also food supplements and other organic goods and solutions.

Nova Terra Ficticious Logo

Geometric / Experimental Logos

Here are a couple of logos I recently created, playing around with a more vertical style, making the logos a little exaggeratedly tall.

Clavis Ficticious Logo
Herboristerie Ficticious Logo
La Cloche Ficticious Logo
The Lily Ficticious Logo
Le St Honoré Ficticious Logo

All my work is copyrighted & registered, any copy / usage strictly prohibited without explicit authorisation.