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06 OCT 2020

I may be a vector artist and love digital drawing, however, I have a very classic background when it comes to training and creating illustrations from scratch. I have spent many years perfecting my number one passion by reproducing down on paper all the ideas that used to cross my mind.

Here is a small collection of such works, for your viewing pleasure !

Elf Watercolor
Le Petit Prince Painting

Having fun with Techniques

As an artist, having studied in a School of Fine Arts, we were always strongly encouraged to have fun and explore with techniques. This is why some of the mediums used on this page are very diverse: from pen and paper, to watercolor, gouache and acrylic painting.

Some of my favourite topics inclue the animal kingdom, nature, but also a big source of inspiration has been Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince book (one of my all-time favourite!).

The Frog King Acrylic Painting
The Frog Queen Acrylic Painting

All my work is copyrighted & registered, any copy / usage strictly prohibited without explicit authorisation.