Boat on Sea - The Landscapes Collection
Vector Illustration

The Landscapes Collection

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05 OCT 2020

The "Landscapes Collection" is also one of those series that began during the lockdown to keep the hands busy. I have a true fascination for water, especially in illustration where it can often become a very complex element.

These vector drawings may look deceivingly simple, but don't get fooled: check in depth and you will see a myriad of details and colors. Many of these doodles have been my most time-consumming pieces to date.

Junk at Sunset - The Landscapes Collection
Water - The Landscapes Collection
Lighthouse - The Landscapes Collection

Colors & Depth

These illustrations truly reflect my personal research to add depth through the perception of colors to my work. I have spent a lot of time polishing and researching for each and everyone of these, working until they felt perfect.

A Partnership has just been signed with Mademoiselle Donut & friends, a selection of these landscapes will shorty be available as A1 prints (59 cm x 81 cm) and other formats. Be sure to visit if you are interested, this is the only place where you can buy official prints of my work.

Plane Window - The Landscapes Collection
Arches - The Landscapes Collection
Koi in Water - The Landscapes Collection
santorini - The Landscapes Collection

I will also update this page as new items become available, for your viewing pleasure.

Digital copies of this work (for tatoos, computer background images etc) can also be purchased directly by contacting me. All my work is protected by copyright & registration, as defined in the terms and conditions.