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Lavain Advocaat - Creation of a Logo & House-Style

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05 OCT 2020

Mr Lavain from Lavain Advocatenkantoor contacted me at the end of 2019, as he was looking to start his own law practice and was looking for a logo and a branding. Mr Lavain wanted a strong image, a visual that represented law, but also brought about stability and strength.

Trying to avoid all the many clichés of the profession, such as the tireless scales that we all see much too often, I worked together with Mr Lavain and presented him the idea of the crest, together with a lion. It had so much significance, also for him on a personal level, that the idea stuck and got further developed into a wonderful logo.

Lavain Advocaat business card

House-style Elements

To accompany Mr Lavain's new logo, a whole house-style was also created, ranging from letterheads to business cards, stickers and more.

I aslo created the wireframing to Mr Lavain's web site, which was then developed by CloudNed®.

Lavain Advocaat - Invitation to Office Opening
Lavain Advocaat - First page from web site layout
Lavain Advocaat - First page from web site layout

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