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Looking for a unique logo ?

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31 JAN 2021

In today's world, logos seem to be available just about anywhere and at any price.

In an effort to create high quality work, I have put together a whole creative / development process that will guarantee that you, as my client, don't find yourself with a copy of yet another meaningless logo that looks like so many others of its kind. I strongly believe that a good logo is 100 % unique and distinctive (meaning that when your customers see it, they should recognize your brand at once).


I offer 2 different bundles when it comes to logo creation:

  • Basic logo bundle: Starts at 500 Euros, excluding VAT. Includes:
    • the creation of the logo (more info below),
    • the layout of a business card (excl. print costs),
    • logo image files for yourself,
    • license for logo usage (see more below).
  • Deluxe logo bundle: Starts at 1000 Euros, excluding VAT. Includes:
    • the creation of the logo (see below),
    • the layout of a business card (excl. print costs),
    • logo image files for yourself, and for your social media,
    • the creation of a professional letterhead (excl. print costs),
    • the creation of a professional envelope (excl. print costs),
    • a digital signature for your professional e-mail, with your logo (excl. e-mail plan and other associated costs),
    • a brand guide on how to best work with colors, fonts etc and your new logo.
    • license for logo usage (see more below).

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Added Value - Tailor-Made Work

Why are my services more expensive than buying a logo on Fiverr then ? What makes the difference ?

A lot of time and effort is going to go into your unique logo. I also don't recycle ideas, which means each and every single creation is tailor-made to fit my client's needs and your brand. A great logo isn't created overnight, the process can take weeks.

These are the steps we will take together to create your new brand:

  • Induction / initial meeting:
    Every collaboration starts with meeting my clients, understanding clearly what they are doing and getting to know them personally.
    I believe a logo to be an important investment into yourself, it can also remain in use for a long time; therefore it is primordial that the needs, target audience and basics be defined quite clearly.
    This first meeting usually lasts for an hour and allows me to get acquainted with you, and to understand your expectations.
    This consultation is also totally free and can be scheduled for anyone wanting to know more about my work.

    Nothing is needed from you as a client at this point, unless there are already some ideas you have or inspiration you'd like to bring to the table.

  • 1st Round of research
    This stage usually takes a few weeks (2-3 depending on our agreement and your deadlines). A deposit is usually also paid before the work can begin, to ensure that everyone remains committed and involved into our collaboration.
    During this time, I will start to gather ideas and explore the possibilities for your specific logo.
    Once I have come up with a couple of great concepts, I will start some digital drawing and research until I come up with 3 full concepts to present to you.

  • 1st Round of feedback:
    At the end of the 1st round of research, we will sit together again and explore the 3 logo developments I have brought to the table. I will explain the concepts and ideas behind each and every individual one.
    I will look together with you at your aims and what direction might be the wisest to follow and explain the why, I will educate your thinking process when it comes to design so the best decisions can be made. Mixing and matching ideas is also totally possible.

  • Corrections / 2nd round of research:
    Taking into account the feedback and choices you made at the previous round, I will start working again on the ideas we selected. I will further develop some concepts, take them to the next level, and if mixing ideas, see how I can integrate them together into a design that can hold itself together. I will start looking into colors and will bring again 3 different possibilities to our next meeting.

  • 2nd Round of feedback:
    We meet again to check on the development of the work and to see if it is all going in the right direction. Is the work done so far still holding itself up, what needs fine-tuning, what are your impressions as a client etc. Again, I will support you all the way and will give you my best advice / educate you as needed to make the best possible choice.

    Some final choices are now being made, so I can work towards finalizing the logo. At this point, mixing and matching some ideas is still possible.

  • Final corrections / 3rd round of research:
    Bearing all that has been said and done in mind, I will create the final version of the logo and fine-tune all the elements and details. We can also look more in depth, at this stage, at a particular color code you'd like to use, and make sure it is aligned with your business.
    Once this version of the logo is approved by you, the final payment takes place with the delivery of the files.

  • Delivery of the files:
    Once the final version of your logo is validated by you and I, the payment of the remaining due amount is made. Upon reception of that payment, I will deliver the files according to the logo bundle you chose, and taking into account your needs (social media etc).
    The files are usually delivered as high quality images that you can use for your web site, within Word documents and other professional correspondance.

    It is to be noted that both bundles here above only give you a license to use the created logo. Indeed, all rights attached to the work remain the property of the creator, with possibilities to buy these rights partially or fully for the client, as is custom with copyrights.
    Please read the terms and conditions or get in touch with me for more information concerning this.

  • Extra services:
    If you need other goodies or developments, I remain of course available to assist and help you.
    Your logo can also be turned into a business card, a letter head, and other prints, as needed, or as part of your bundle.

    Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to see all the possibilities.

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Here is a list of what you can expect, or not, from our collaboration:

Something unique: your logo will not look like anything else out there, it will be custom-made just for you.

A qualitative process: your feedback and wishes are taken into account, on top of you being educated with what works and what doesn't.

Care and dedication: I go out of my way to make sure the cherry's on top of the cake, in a timely fashion, given that I get given a reasonable timeframe.

Rushed or botched work: Like most people, I don't like working under pressure. Don't contact me if you are expecting a logo made in 2 hours, without any attention or care for details.

Free work and "exposure": Like everybody else, I need to make a living. I may do my work out of passion, however, that doesn't mean I will work for free. Exposure doesn't pay bills.

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What they say about my work...

A little feedback and reviews from existing clients (Taken from my LinkedIn page):

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Want to get in touch to see what I can do for you ?

Schedule a meeting with me, free of charge, to see how we can collaborate. Feel free to bring your notes and ideas to the table.

All my work is copyrighted & registered, any copy / usage strictly prohibited without explicit authorisation.
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