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SOFRA - Creation of Various Product Logos & Packages

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05 OCT 2020

SOFRA is an important player on the Belgian market for butter, cheese and other dairies. It is a family-owned business, where tradition represents the key value to the company.

They approached me in 2014 in order to slowly renew some of their ageing designs, in the hope of bringing a touch of modernity, but also keep those important traditions and family values in their present product-lines, in order to address the younger generations better. The collaboration is still on-going and has produced many beautiful rebrandings to this day.

So far, we have revamped many of their older butter packages, renewed altogether the design of other products and of course created new lines.

Beurre de Campagne Bio package

Logo Creation

One of the most recent creations I have done for this client is their logo for their new brand "Le Potager Bio", an organic butter flavoured with herbs. I have also designed the packaging for this product, together with the front illustration.

Le Potager Bio brand and illustration
Le Potager Bio butter packaging

Creation of a Whole Packaging Range

For years now, I have been upgrading the design of SOFRA's cheese packages. Many of the design changes have been gradual, in order to not be too harsh on the consummers with brutal changes. I have designed the whole range of the Rochefort line. (photo credit bottom: Studio 981.)

Rochefort Cheese package
Rochefort Cheese package with Trappist beer

Creation of Composite Images for Packages

Not only have I created various illustrated packages for SOFRA, but over the years, I have also created many beautiful composite images to reflect a product or one of their many brands, like this beautifu goat milk butter package facing.

Goat Butter Illustration

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