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06 OCT 2020

As a designer, there are many fields for which I have genuine interest & passion, one of these being typography. Over the years, I have done many small experiments, just for the fun of them. Here are some examples.

Exploring Futura

One of such experiments was to play around with flower vectors I designed and combined with the beautiful Futura font. My expermiment was cut a little short due to a lack of time, but I nonetheless truly had fun.

Exploring Futura - B
Exploring Futura - C
Exploring Futura - D

36 Days of Type 2020

As a typography lover, I had fun creating my own type, from a grid, early 2020, and recreated some of these letters as 3D elements with my beloved bright colors. Here are some of my experiments...

36 Days of Type 2020 - B
36 Days of Type 2020 - H
36 Days of Type 2020 - K
36 Days of Type 2020 - U

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