Cancer - The Zodiac Collection
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The Zodiac Collection

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05 OCT 2020

One of my first series to work on were the Zodiac signs, creating beautiful illustrations that would represent each of the 12 astrological symbols. The approach was done in my style, with some geometry, but the curves are overall softer than those of the Animals Collection. These illustrations are the first affirmation of what it was that I wanted to do more than anything else next to Graphic Design: express my creativity through drawing.

Leo - The Zodiac Collection
Pisces - The Zodiac Collection
Sagittarius - The Zodiac Collection

Geometry as a style

As I started to develop the first doodles for the Zodiac signs, it became clear that minimalism, strong colors and geometric curves were part of what defined me as an artist. The more I worked on this series, the more my griffe became clear.

This series isn't yet complete, though I do intend on working on the missing signs and incorporate them onto this portfolio.

Aries - The Zodiac Collection
Taurus - The Zodiac Collection

I will also update this page as new items become available, for your viewing pleasure.

Digital copies of this work (for tatoos, computer background images etc) can also be purchased directly by contacting me. All my work is protected by copyright & registration, as defined in the terms and conditions.